My name is Tomislav Orlovac and I'm a mixing- and recording engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I have over 10 years of experience working with music and audio, starting as a producer. I opened my mixing career with my own music and smaller projects with my friends, but with time started working with bands, such as "Tengholm Jonsson Swingfinity" and other.
I offer three different services:
  1. Recording: I will help you record your song whether it being live or with seperate takes. We will be using vintage microphones, to modern ones, whatever it takes to satisfy You as a band/artist.
  2. Mixing: This can be combined with the recording or in case You have an pre-recorded song. I will be using both top notch analog hardware and in-the-box mixing to give that warm an analog feel.
  3. Mastering: In comination of analog gear, such as Fairchild 670 and Pultec EQs, aswell as in-the-box plugins, I will master your track, with a smooth and warm approach to get your song sounding as good as possible.